The Bank is implementing various subsidy/relief schemes for promoting Agriculture and providing investment as well as interest relief to its prompt borrowers. The various schemes are

  1. Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme (DEDS)
  2. National Livestock Mission (NLM)
  3. Education loan
  4. NORKA Department Project for Rehabilitation of Return Emigrants (NDPREM)

A. Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme (DEDS):

The main objectives are

  • To promote setting up of modern dairy farms for production of clean milk
  • To encourage heifer calf rearing, thereby conserving good breeding stock
  • To bring structural changes in the unorganised sector so that initial processing of milk can be taken up at the village level itself
  • To upgrade the quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale
  • To generate self-employment and provide infrastructure mainly for unorganised sector


B. National Livestock Mission (NLM):

The project is designed mainly for entrepreneurship development and technology infusion and the sub components are given below:
SubComponents :


1)Poultry Venture Capital Fund (PVCF-EDEG):


  • To encourage entrepreneurship in various poultry activities and provide capacity building for employment opportunities
  • To improve production of poultry products and productivity of processing units through technology upgradation and also encourage introduction of innovative technology.
  • To encourage rearing of other poultry species like quails, ducks, and turkeys etc. which have good potential.


2) Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits (IDSRR)


  • Development of Sheep for Wool and Mutton.
  • Development of Goat for Meat and Milk
  • Assistance for Establishment of Goat Farms in Government Sector, NGO and Private
  • Assistance for Establishment of Rabbit Breeding Farms for Wool. V
  • Assistance for Training in Sheep, Goat and Rabbit Production


3) Pig Development (PD):


  • Encourage commercial rearing of pigs by adopting scientific methods and creation of infrastructure
  • Production and supply of improved germ plasm
  • Organizing stakeholders to popularize scientific practices
  • Create supply chain for pork industry.
  • Encourage value addition for better income.


4) Salvaging of Male Buffalo Calves (SMBC)


  • to enhance survival rate,
  • Increase availability of buffalo meat for export and domestic markets,
  • Enlarge raw material base for leather industry
  • Improve availability of by-products such as meat-cum-bone meal, tallow, hides, bio-fertilizer, brushes, combs and buttons, etc.,
  • Improve India‟s foreign exchange earning through export of buffalo meat and leather products,
  • Create avenues of economic gain from genetic material which otherwise go waste by linking livestock farmers and meat / leather industry,
    Enhance employment opportunities in rural areas.



  • NABARD is the implementing agency for the Capital subsidy scheme under DEDS and NLM.
  • NABARD has developed a portal for online submission of subsidy applications, their scrutiny, sanction and for release of subsidy.
  • The subsidy will be sanctioned and released on first come first serve basis and the PCARDBs should submit the claims online through the respective R.Os for uploading the same through the Ensure Portal of NABARD.
  • The eligible claim are processed , forwarded to H.O and uploaded to NABARD through the Ensure Portal .
  • The ceiling on subsidy in general is at the rate of 25% depending on category of beneficiaries and location of the project and is back ended with a lock in period of 3 years.
  • The claims are to be preferred to Head Office for onward transmission to NABARD immediately after sanction of loan as subsidy claims are honored on a first come first serve basis.


C. NORKA Department Project for Rehabilitation of Return Emigrants       (NDPREM)

  • NORKA Department Project for Rehabilitation of Return Emigrants (NDPREM) is implemented by Government of Kerala
  • KSCARD Bank and NORKA Roots has entered into an Memorandum of understanding to provide finance through the affiliated PCARDBs to the applicants subject to the terms and conditions including security norms of our Bank under Farm and Non Farm sector (excluding housing).
  • Selection of beneficiaries will be done by the NORKA ROOTS after conducting orientation & training camps for those who register under NDPREM scheme .
  • As per the scheme, the NORKA ROOTS provides a capital subsidy up to 15% of the project cost limited to a maximum of Rs.3.00 lakhs and an interest subsidy of 3% up to 4 years to those customers who are prompt in repayment .

D . Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme (ELRS)

  • Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme, is implemented by theGovernment of Kerala w.e.f 01/04/2016.
  • The scheme provides Government support to those who availed of education loan and find it extremely difficult to repay the education loan debts after the completion of their course.
  • In ELRS, the Government will provide relief for a period of four years after the repayment holiday with effect from 1st April 2016 .
  • The coverage of the scheme is limited to the students admitted in recognized technical/Professional courses in India under merit Quota except for students who secured admission for nursing under Management quota.
  • The eligible students are permitted to apply by entering the web portal for ELRS which will be forwarded by the concerned PCARDBank to the Nodal Officer in H.O for onward transmission to SLBC for further processing.